HHMF is always growing and evolving. We are constantly seeking ways and our girls’ input on how to make our program better.
This year we surveyed the girls to learn more about what they wanted from us and what they wanted to talk about.  Along with their surveys and board member recommendations, here are some changes and updates taking place at HHMF.
1. First, we are welcoming some new members!  That’s always exciting. We want to help as many girls as possible.
2. We are moving to a module-based program. This helps to ensure that every girl will receive the necessary tools she needs to help her succeed.  We narrowed down and identified our four focus areas (modules), and everything we do will compliment these areas: College and Career Readiness, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, and Personal Development.
3. We added HOT TOPICS to our life skills seminars. We understand that our girls are daily faced with pressure to make choices that are not best for them.  They’re also dealing with situations that just comes along with being a teenager. Along with the support of their parents, we will help them navigate through some of those situations (dating, bullying, drugs, suicide, sex, and more).