Upon completion of the program every HHMF member receives a $1,000 scholarship from our Mary Ann Dewberry Scholarship Fund. If a member decides not to pursue a college degree, the funds can be used to help cover her high school graduation expenses, including senior dues, her pinning ceremony, and prom expenses.

“Scholarships are more important than ever. By taking some of the financial pressure off of students and families, we can enable greater success in college, helping deserving students who want to graduate with their degree and give back to society.” – Scholarship America

Mary Dewberry is the mother of HHMF’s founder and president, Tracy Arrington. It was Ms. Dewberry who recognized Tracy’s gift for providing hair care services early in life, and she purchased her first pressing comb, hot stove, and hot curlers when Tracy was in the 9th grade. Ms. Dewberry is a monthly sponsor and donor, and she supports the organization in any way that she can.