HHMF believes in partnership.

Healthy Hair Matters Foundation (HHMF) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Although HHMF is an independent organization, we consider ourselves partners with everyone involved in our program. Our success relies heavily on participation, cooperation, and commitment from everyone involved.

Who are our partners?

We partner with families.

Our families are why we do what we do. Parents must trust us with their girls, and the girls have to believe in our program and our ability to help them accomplish their goals.

We partner with schools.

Although not required, many of our girls are referred by teachers and counselors. Because they work so closely with young ladies on a daily basis, they oftentimes know which girls would benefit most from our program.

We partner with life coaches, community leaders, and professionals.

There are four core areas that we focus on with our girls: College and Career Readiness, Financial Literacy, Health and Wellness, and Personal Development. We depend on experienced and highly qualified leaders and professionals to help educate and develop our girls in these areas. They conduct our monthly seminars and help provide direction for the organization.

We partner with hairstylists.

We are grateful for the hairstylists who offer our girls professional salon-based hair care services at discounted rates (paid for by HHMF). All of our stylists agree to provide healthy hair care and a respectful working environment for our girls.