We create an environment of confidence by showing our girls that they can fully trust and depend on us. We also have systems and support in place to help them grow and develop into assertive and confident women who believe in their own abilities.


We strive to be fair and always do what is right. We follow our moral convictions, do what we say we will do, and model principled behavior for the girls of our program.


We believe that leadership is the ability to create an inspiring vision of the future. Leadership empowers and inspires others to create their own successes in life. We strive to shape our girls into the next generation of leaders.


Every day provides us with the chance to make a difference in the lives of the girls we serve at HHMF. Whether it’s through helping them find college scholarships, sending them an encouraging text or email, or hosting a seminar on a topic that’s important to teen girls, we utilize every opportunity to make a positive impression on them and our community.


We encourage our leadership team and our girls to continuously seek ways to improve themselves intellectually, physically, morally, financially, and spiritually. Our program and course modules are designed to help identify and provide information, resources, and opportunities that help us become better every day.


Helping to build our girls self-esteem – confidence in their own worth and abilities – is at the very core of our program. It is important for them to know their value, to be good stewards to themselves, and to know that they are more than enough.


Teamwork encourages an environment and provides opportunities for young ladies to learn the value of unity and synergy. By working together as a team, the girls strengthen their love for others, and that love encourages them to reach out and share with other young ladies the need for strong self-esteem, self-awareness, and a positive vision for the future.