Our life skills seminars are a primary way that we deliver timely and useful information to our girls. These educational experiences help them learn skills for preparing for college and careers, managing money, making healthy lifestyle choices, and developing healthy relationships. We help our girls improve their self-esteem and self awareness. We help develop life skills that will support their success and happiness.

Based upon careful consideration and survey answers given by our girls, here is a list of some of the topics we may cover in our seminars.

I. College and Career Readiness
• preparing for college
• applying for scholarships
• preparing for a job interview
• public speaking and appearance

II. Financial Literacy
• credit 101
• savings and investing
• entrepreneurship
• banking

III. Health and Wellness
• self esteem and body image
• cooking and eating healthy (diabetes)
• sexual assault (hot topic / requires parental consent)
• staying mentally healthy in today’s volatile social media culture

IV. Personal Development
• building healthy friendships
• being a leader
• bullying (cyber)
• suicide prevention / how to help a friend in trouble


Tina Saulsberry, Senior Application Development Manager (Microsoft) / pictured above
Lauren McCree, Sports Management (Mike Ilitch School of Business)
Keisha L. Glenn, Assistant Attorney General / Head of Auto Insurance Fraud Unit (State of Michigan)
Sandra Epps, Executive Director (Sandy’s Land and Detroit Doll Show)